Did you know that only 4% of businesses hit $1M in revenue?

Tim Ryan and Zack Miller are the creators of The Fervent Four Show, designed to help you get there. Check them out on Facebook Live every Thursday at 11 AM on the StartWheel.org Facebook page, or on the StartWheel Youtube page.

Tim Ryan is the Executive Director of StartWheel, an organization dedicated to creating community through connecting entrepreneurs with resources in Hampton Roads.

Zack Miller is a serial entrepreneur and recent author of his new book Anomaly, a guide on how to differentiate yourself and your business from the crowd. Learn more at https://www.zackmillersays.com

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Past Episodes

#29: Skillfully Navigating Startup Law

Joel Ankney, founder of Ankney Law, talks with Tim and Zack about discerning lawfor entrepreneurs, legal considerations when raising capital, and the reasons to write a book as a professional.

#28: Investing in 757 Entrepreneurs

Blake Luse, Managing Director of Ferguson Ventures, shares his perspective on customer-focused entrepreneurs, what he looks for in Founders, and the power of relationships.

#27: Measuring what Matters

Lee Sheridan, owner of Two Maids and a Mop Virginia Beach, joins the show to talk about expanding his business model on the fly, following key metrics, and the challenges of staffing.

#26: Be Your Own Champion

Entrepreneur and financial advisor Xerxes Nabong shares his perspective on money relationships and the source of confidence.

#25: Redeeming the year 2020

Joe Bucci, Entrepreneurship Professor at Regent University, shares his perspective on redemption, the power of vulnerability, and running to gain perspective.

#24: Entrepreneurship in School

Kempsville Business and Entrepreneurship Academy professors and students join the show to talk about raising moneypersistence, and inspiration.

#23: Innovating Virtual Events

Deany Dormer, CEO of Executive Events, chats with Tim and Gary about big virtual event mistakes, as well as the number one prerequisite for planning a virtual event (it’s not what you may think).

#22: Responding to your Market

Jaynee Sasso, Founder of SeniorRuns, joins the show and talks about Tenacity, Consistency, and Positivity, some of her daily routine, and knowing what the market wants.

#21: From Pitch to Performance

Gary Plaag, W&M Professor and founder of Couragio Consulting, shares his takes on turning your pitch into a performance, the effect of Shark Tank on entrepreneurship, and how to rock the virtual call.

#20: Entrepreneurs Escaping 2020

Business Director of Escape Room Virginia, Candice Gallmeyer, shares her perspective on engaging her customers through social media, asking for a raise as a female international spy, and her secrets to stirring creativity.

#19: Creating the Co-Working Revolution

The regional director of Gather, Savannah Bolin, joins the show to talk about the real definition of co-working, creating community from scratch, and the hidden gems of Hampton Roads.

#18: Smiling Through Uncertainty

Tiffanie Rosier, founder of Allstar Photobooth, provides great perspective on how to get started in the event space, the right way to do client outreach, and the secret to keeping your content fresh.

#17: Manufacturing in China…During Covid??

Nate Tschohl, founder of Swimnerd, joins the show to talk about the origins of Swimnerd and his experiences manufacturing in China.

#16: Finding Passion in Business

Dennis Gray, Founder of Accurid Pest Solutions, shares his perspective on terrible pest stories, persevering through hardship, and a great branding investment for his business.

#15: MBA Students Making a Difference

Cara Simpson and Vicki Harrington of CrimDell SBN join the show to discuss the current MBA experience, Covid takeaways,  and how to connect with the organization.

#14: The Journey to $100 Million

Erik J. Olson, founder of Array Digital, joins the show and discusses  goal setting and transparency, lessons from his business journey, and his advice for doing business with friends.

#13: The Latest Updates on PPP

#12: Small Business Consulting

Jim Carroll, Executive Director of the HR SBDC, joins the show and shares his perspective on grit, reopening your business, and the SBDC’s network of relationships, among much more.

#11: Protecting Your IP in a Virtual World

Steve duBois of Patent Portfolio Builders joins the show and discusses NDA’s, the biggest mistakes he sees from entrepreneurs, and how to protect yourself when outsourcing code.

#10: How to Sell Post Covid-19

Chad Stenzel of Sandler Training shares his perspective on sales training, the influence of Hollywood on sales, and anecdotes about his entrepreneurial kids.

#9: Facilitating Resources in Real Estate

Nicole Campbell joins the show and shares her perspective on the real estate industry, creating marketing content, and her yearly resolutions.

#8: How a Pivot Created New Customers

Tim and Zack chat with Mike Descher, founder of MediaGroup. Mike shares how he pivoted and increased business, along with his experience buying masks and working remotely.

#7: How to Network Virtually

Laura Henderson of BizConnect joins the show to discuss networking tips, how she networks as an introvert, and her secrets for increasing online engagement.

#6: Motivation for Entrepreneurs

D’shawn Wright, body-builder and owner of Body by D, joins the show to discuss his motivation, his attitude towards uncertainty, and the power of knowing your why.

#5: Funding your Business during a Crisis

Tim and Zack chat with Evans McMillion, Executive Director of 757 Angels. The three discuss the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hampton Roads and what investors are looking for in entrepreneurs.

#4: Innovative Ways to Find Business

#3: The Intersection of Education and Business

Lauren Small of Early Education Consultants shares her knowledge about the intersection of business and early education, and makes the case for current and future workforces needing a strong education system.

#2: How to Work Remotely

Tim and Zack chat with Erica McMannes, founder of Instant Teams. The three discuss best practices for working remotely and pitching your business.

#1: Meet the Hosts: Tim and Zack

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